Amarone Della Valpolicella 2012


Garnet colour with an intense and full-bodied appearance.

The fragrance is pronounced with dry plum, vanilla hues & wildflowers. The flavour is full, warm & rich in structure and compliments all meat dishes and is perfect with cheese. A fabulous wine.


Alc. 16%

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Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin


Corvina Veronese (45% to 95%) is however allowed to use Corvinone to a maximum of 50% instead of the same percentage of Corvina; Rondinella (from 5% to 30%). The production of these wines can be used up to a maximum of 25% of the grapes coming from the vines: red non- aromatic berries, allowed for cultivation for the province of Verona up to a maximum of 15%, with a maximum limit of 10% for each single grape used.


Calcareous, limestone soil, debris and landslides

Alcoholic degree:

16% in Vol.

Area of ​​origin:

Valpolicella, Veneto Region - Northern Italy

Production technique:

The best grapes are harvested late, rested on racks and drowned in a dry and well-ventilated environment until January. The pressing is done in the dry period of February, with maceration and fermentation called "a cappello", submerged for about one month at a temperature of 43-59°F. Then it is pulled and left to complete the lactic fermentation. In the following months, it is transferred to medium and small capacity barrels. Could be sold only after three years of aging.

Sensory analysis:

Garnet color with a very intense and full-bodied appearance. The fragrance is intense, ethereal and very pronounced. Remember dry plum, with vanilla hues and wildflowers. The flavor is full, very warm and rich in structure.
It is bottled using the cold sterile microfiltration technique. Pairings:
It accompanies meat dishes, especially red. It is particularly exhilarated if it is accompanied by skewers and games. Serve at a temperature of 64°F, previously poured into a decanter.

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