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Giovanni and Nick

Giovanni and Nick the founders of Amore G.N.A, followed in the footsteps of their grandparents and great grandparents, who originated from a small farming village in the South of Italy called Busso. They had a farm and lived off the land in this beautiful little village, which included a small vineyard where they made their own wine.
Following World War II, like so many from the South, the Nonni, or grandparents, of the founders moved to the UK in search of work. They always had the intention of returning to their beloved homeland but this was not meant to be and in the 1970’s Giovanni and Nick were born in the UK.


The family traditions and morals continued in the UK. The grandparents and parents of the founders imported grapes from Italy and made their own wine, il vino della casa, in the UK. To this day the founders can still remember the crushing of the grapes and all the processes involved from when they were kids and still have all the old equipment that was used!

In The D.N.A.

I suppose wine was in the founders D.N.A. from when they were born but they just didn’t know it at the time and it was destiny that they would start Amore G.N.A Fine Wines and Produce.


They started Amore G.N.A because they saw a massive gap in the market and this was because they believed the wine industry in the UK was antiquated and rested on its laurels and in most cases UK wine drinkers were not experiencing quality wine and service and they wanted to change this with a vision of modernising the industry.


They will change the UK wine industry for the better with their unquenchable passion to make it exceptional, with their vision and belief, with the great people on the team and by simply sourcing and supplying the very best Italian wines into the UK market.


We want our passion for exceptional wines to rub off on you, we want to make wine appealing and a preferred drink to all legal aged drinkers, we want everyone to know the difference between a poor wine and an excellent wine, we want people to enjoy wine, appreciate wine and we want them to trust in Amore G.N.A to give them the very best wine experience for many years to come!

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