Primitivo del Salento


Vivid red wine with intense violet shades.

The scent is powerful with ripe grape and characteristic of plum, blackberry and raspberry. Compliments all meat dishes and is perfect with cheese. An exceptional all-round wine.


Alc. 14.5%

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Characterized by the presence of rock, restin on a layer of clay.
Alcoholic degree:
13.9%% in Vol.

Area of ​​origin:

Provinces of Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto - Puglia Region - Southern Italy
Production technique:
Very mature harvest (as Primitivo is an early grape variety), are pressed with a traditional system. Long maceration, aged in barrels of wood for about 6-8 months. Sensory analysis:

Vivid red wine, with intense violet shades, tending to garnet with aging. The scent is intense with ripe grapes, vinous with light aroma and characteristic of plum, blackberry and raspberry, combined with spiced pepper, coffee and cocoa. In the mouth is soft and rich, pleasing and elegant, with good intensity and persistence. Bottling:

It is bottled using the cold sterile microfiltration technique.


High bodied wine, right in body, savory, however soft and balanced. Ideal for tasty dishes, grilled and skewers meats, roast and braised, exceptional with all types of cheese, also quite fresh. Serve at a temperature of 66-68°F.

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